In Lost in Sky, players will go through missions in which they will have to efficiently combine the abilities of the heroes in order to overcome some complicated puzzles and destroy the enemies. The boss fights promise to be complex and memorable.

The following locations are available in the game, for the moment:

  • City
  • Training Center
  • Barracks
  • Cellars

In addition to the announced, there are lots of unique locations under development that are going to be presented later, closer to the official release of the game, which is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2018.

The final version of the game will contain colorful locations, humanoid monsters, bosses of different levels, unexpected plot turns and much more.

Development plans

  • new locations and puzzles
  • new bosses
  • gamepad support (Steam controller friendly)
  • LAN co-op
  • web co-op
  • weapons and ammunition improvement

A pleasant surprise for the players will be the Lost in Sky motion comic: a Graphic Novel, shedding light to the plot and the game universe.

What is Lost in Sky?

Lost in Sky – Retro Future style 2D action platformer. The game is being developed for different operating systems and mobile devices.

The game is set on ARK – the post-apocalyptic world of a distant future, part of a huge orbital city, lost in interstellar space. The game takes place on ARK – giant spaceship by the size of a city. The player will play for many characters and will have to face ruthless mutants, intricate puzzles and intriguing story.

New stage of the early testing!

We are happy to announce that our constantly developing project will be ready to go very soon — the next stage of the early testing has started! Of course, this means that you are welcomed to take part in the testing and share your opinion with us! Join our communities on social networks, obtain your key, and participate in the testing to become a part of our team!

Let’s finish Lost In Sky together! Follow the news to receive your key via communities in Facebook and on other social media. The release is coming this fall!

New stage of the early testing

System requirements:

CPU: Any Dual-Core processor 1.8GHz or higher
Memory: 2GB RAM
GPU: Geforce or AMD HD 512MB or higher
Storage: 500МB

OS ver: 5.0 (lollipop)
CPU: Any quad-core 1.8Ghz
GPU: Adreno 530
Memory: 2GB
Storage: 500MB

Apple iPhone 6s
CPU: 1,8Ghz;
GPU: Apple A9
Memory: 2GB
Storage: 500MB

Game Features

  • Unique game world made in retro-future style
  • Original game plot enriched by its own comic novel
  • Co-op walkthrough with unique characters with special abilities
  • Major platform support
  • Breathtaking soundtrack

Recent updates:

0.1.74 2018-06-15 15:23:33

Jira LIS-1172

  • LIS-1172 Refactor Controller Melee

    + Add MeleeAttack interface + Add MeleePowerAttack interface + Put ControllerMelee in a namespace + Remove hard references to Power and regular melee Attacks + Inject Regular Melee Attack into Controller Melee + Create a list of power attacks into Controller Melee + Add the base logic for when power attacks starts and when regular attacs starts. + Refactor ControllerMeleeRegularV3 script to implement IMeleeAttack interface. + Update the AvatarV3Installer to bind IMeleeAttack implementation instead of ControllerMeleeRegularV3 + Add ControllerMeleePower Air and Dash into their namespace.

Jira LIS-1174

  • LIS-1174 Refactor simple Power attack

    + Remove old Avatar Installer + Remove old CharacterController scripts + Remove all states that were used on old avatar controller. + Remove PlayerV2A and PlayerV2B prefabs. + Remove other scripts that were dependant on Old CharacterController scripts. + Add priorities to power attacks + Refactor IMeleeAttack to take InputData when checking for use possibility. + Adapt simple Power Attack to IMeleePowerAttack interface.

Jira LIS-1175

  • LIS-1175 Refactor Power Attack in air

    + Put back the jump locking feature in current character controller + Adapt power air attack to IMeleePowerAttack interface.

Jira LIS-1176

  • LIS-1176 Refactor Power Attack with Dash

    + Adapt current Melee Power Dash attack to IMeleePowerAttack interface.

Jira LIS-1177

  • LIS-1177 Add little bit of speed when hitting enemies

    + Add script that gives a boost to the character when there is a hit + Fix simple power attack charge animation + Add speed boost parameter + Add reset method for all melee attacks (fixes problems when player is hit by enemies) + Put back dash and jump to react on pressed down events. + Update the player prefab with SpeedBoostWhenPlayerHitsEnemy script.

Jira LIS-1179

  • LIS-1179 Create 4 variants of Cocoons

    + Add into cocoon controller SetImmediateState method + Add into Cocoon state Final() method (sets the final form of that state) + Implement into all states Final() method + Add savable functionality for CocoonController + Properly reset Playmaker FSM when loading from checkpoint. + Add GameObjectToggle script to properly change to the correct body of cocoon + Make cocoons hitable by adding HitRegistrator into them. + Properly configure HitRegistrator when changing Cocoon's parameters. + Fix EnemyBehaviour spawner to properly load the last saved state. + Add 4 variants of Cocoons (2 hanging, 2 normal)

Jira LIS-1180

  • Cocoon implemenation:

    LIS-1180 Add possibility to hang cacoons on walls and ceilings + Create Cocoon prefab and connect some physics joints LIS-1181 Cocoon States + Add CocoonController + Add tests for CocoonController + Add Parameters for CocoonController with all kinds of helpers for designers + Add CocoonController tests + Add Open Cocoon state + Add Closed Cocoon state + Add Destroyed Cocoon state LIS-1182 Cocoon can throw enemies or loot + Add possibility to select what will it drop + Add functionality to spawn enemies, or items.

Jira LIS-1181

  • Cocoon implemenation:

    LIS-1180 Add possibility to hang cacoons on walls and ceilings + Create Cocoon prefab and connect some physics joints LIS-1181 Cocoon States + Add CocoonController + Add tests for CocoonController + Add Parameters for CocoonController with all kinds of helpers for designers + Add CocoonController tests + Add Open Cocoon state + Add Closed Cocoon state + Add Destroyed Cocoon state LIS-1182 Cocoon can throw enemies or loot + Add possibility to select what will it drop + Add functionality to spawn enemies, or items.

Jira LIS-1182

  • Cocoon implemenation:

    LIS-1180 Add possibility to hang cacoons on walls and ceilings + Create Cocoon prefab and connect some physics joints LIS-1181 Cocoon States + Add CocoonController + Add tests for CocoonController + Add Parameters for CocoonController with all kinds of helpers for designers + Add CocoonController tests + Add Open Cocoon state + Add Closed Cocoon state + Add Destroyed Cocoon state LIS-1182 Cocoon can throw enemies or loot + Add possibility to select what will it drop + Add functionality to spawn enemies, or items.

Jira LIS-1183

  • LIS-1183 Add Power attacks animations

    + Add play methods for power attacks animations in Controller Animation + Refactor Controller Melee Power to use new power animations + Refactor Controller Melee Power Air to use new power animations + Refactor Controller Melee Power Dash to use new power animations + Update PlayerV3A prefab to have new power animations assigned + Add delay and priority parameters for power attacks (helps controller to correctly choose the attack). + Fix FallMove to track that Power Air attack is still active. + Add to Ground Base Move delay to jump animation. + Add delay before Dash move is triggered.

Jira LIS-1184

  • LIS-1184 Make boxes more forgiving between platforms.

    + Change the form of the collider. + Update the prefab with updated collider.

Jira LIS-1185

  • LIS-1185 Lever should start/stop the lift.

    + Make Path movement script to not restart the movement if it already has a path. + Add Method so that lever could start/stop Path movement. + Update Lever event invoke in Shooting Ground 2 to Call SetState method instead.

Jira LIS-1193

  • LIS-1193 Langoliers are still trying to attack when colliding with walls

    + Add Utility script to check object collision with other objects. + Add Editor Buttons to easier debug spawning in langoliers. + Add to Langoliers Strategy to finish when colliding with walls. + Fix ColorChanger to lazy load Renderer Component.

Jira LIS-1194

  • LIS-1194 Avatars can still attack when they die.

    + Reset any avatar attack move to the initial states + Remove Run enabled permission write in Regular attacks ( temp fix )

Jira LIS-1195

  • LIS-1195 Power attack break when player gets hit.

    + Add OnPowerAttackFinished event in all power attacks. + Subscribe Controller Melee to OnPowerAttackFinished events. + Also invoke OnPowerAttackFinished event when resetting power attack state.

Jira LIS-1199

  • LIS-1199 Generate Jump paths for AI

Jira LIS-1201

  • LIS-1201 Automatic nav. grid building when saving the scene.

    + Add script for automatic navigation builder + Update all navigation prefabs

Jira LIS-1203

  • LIS-1203 Falling platforms should destroy in more little pieces.

    + Play debris particles when reaching the ground. + Add debris particles and smoke particles in Falling floor prefab. + Make falling floor a one way platform.

Jira LIS-1204

  • LIS-1204 Turret cannot press on pressing plates.

    + Add Turret body game object as "Player" + Set turret body game object tag as "Turret" + Fix Turret bullet not rendering correctly + Fix Rotation aligment script + Fix Shooting mechanism not making the bullets despawn when needed. + Fix Turret shoot effect not rotating with the turret's muzzle.

Jira LIS-1205

  • LIS-1205 On Foot Monsters can press on pressing plate.

    + Add another check in pressing plate to detect on Foot enemies + Add "OnFoot" tag in project. + Set the "OnFoot" tag for Droid, scorpions and worms prefabs.

Jira LIS-1206

  • LIS-1206 Create a more obvious loading animation

    + Add a script to rotate something + Add an event to react on download activity. + Add rotating bar in Loading Scene.

No issue

  • Remove archer and swordsman textures from sprite packing.

  • Reimport of spine sprite atlases will be as a separate step in jenkins job.

  • Disable automatic navigation baking for build machine.

  • Fix Swordsman grenade aiming IK.

    + Refactor current IK script to move the correct target bone. + Correct the resetting procedure after IK use. + Fix Grenade thrower to correctly reset when avatars gets hit or dies. + Fix Archer Bowman script to correctly reset it's state after getting hit. + Fix Archer to not attack while it's dying.

  • mele idle walk anim blend time;

  • Use ReverseAccelerationOnGround for reverse acceleration;

  • Fall Time reset;

  • Grenade throwing in hit time;

  • Fix power dash attack not being able to finish properly.

  • Add idle breathing animation for hanged cocoons.

  • Update avatar parameters;

  • Remove Debug log;

  • Roy move steps;

  • Optimize skeleton's texture size and add packing tags.

  • Remove old archer and swordsman skeleton animation.

  • Bot fix

    get current platform; Fall state end; Ladder move;

  • Integrate updated animation skeleton for Archer.

  • Fix Power Dash attack animation not clearing up after hit.

  • Fix not being able to get up the ladder sometimes.

    + Remove using of standard Unity Trigger events. + Add custom script to correctly filter out trigger colliders that collide with avatar's colliders. + Update Avatar prefabs with Custom trigger events script.

  • Update navigation paths for all Scenes.

  • Fix dead enemy could still press on pressing plate.

  • Fix not being able to attack hanged cocoons.

  • Fix Archer aim line not rendering correctly when aiming through oneway platforms.

  • Fix not being able to go down the ladder.

  • Bot move fix;

    Fall one way; Jump finish; Bot target position on One way platform;

  • Nav builder Ladder link fix;

  • Fix not being able to click on UI button on lever and transition doors.

  • Fix Avatars not being able to push big box.

  • Fix Ladder link (angled platform);

  • Skid - walk animation;

  • Turret Rotation fix;

  • Aiming line end on obstacle;

  • No shoot on ladder;

  • Collision check contacts fix;

  • Jump animation when aiming;

  • Jump animation when aiming;

  • Adjust blending animations between falling,landing and running for avatars.

  • GetPlatform check two line down;

  • Throw line enable fix;

  • Grenade trow animation mono and mix;

  • Adjust VFX for Cocoons.

    + Create less particles on Hit + Add little jiggle for simple cocoons

  • Ai move edge fix;

  • Update prefab;

  • Add Grenade charge and trow animation;

  • Integrate cocoon art into project.

    + Add 12 cocoon prefabs ( 6 hanged, 6 normal) + Add particle systems to normal cocoons + Add On Hit event for Simple Hit Registrator

  • Move Ai min time 3 sec;

  • Ladder Navigation fix;

  • Baking fixes and memory optimizations

    + Remove empty cells + Platforms will save cell coordinates instead of copy of those cells. + Remove input data from nav links + Remove string "key" from nav links + Fix Shooting ground 1 scenario to correctly get to the last part of the scenario + Minor fixes to Behaviour AI to not assume that cells are never null. + Bake all navigation assets from all scenes.

  • Update all navigation paths and save a leaner version of navigation assets.

  • Unreachable Test count in Ai GoToState;

  • Optimize navigation asset memory footprint.

  • Fix jump platform findings.

  • Ai move fix;

  • Integrate automatic navigation creation and baking

    + Update all scenes with navigation backed navigation grids. + Remove redundant Cell Settings assets. + Update existing navigation grid assets. + Create navigation grid assets for scenes that do not have them. + Bake navigation grids paths for scenes that didn't have them up until now. + Fix Cell creation to correctly setup it's state with static rigidbodies. + Add automatic navigation paths baking for all scenes. + Add automatic navigation asset creation for scenes that do not have them, before baking. + Remove navigation assets when erasing a scene. + Add baking navigation paths when building the game.

  • OneWay platform navigation;

  • Ai Jumping move and climbing Update;

  • Ladder navigation update;

  • Update to better jump detection.

  • Remove return statement from cell creation.

  • long Jump path;

  • Add flag to disable automatic navigation baking.

    + Add button in Menu to manually bake current scene.

  • Ai bot move polishing;

  • AI jump ;

  • Ai fall move; Ladder move;

  • Add better Jump and falls path generation.

  • Ladder NavLinks;

  • Nav platform start finish fix;

  • Fall test minimal delta x;

  • Linecast fix;

  • Add Initial jump/fall link calculations.

  • Add break for adding fall test cells.

  • Navigation Fall test;

  • NavLink type;

  • Navigation Fall test declaration;

  • Add Navigation parameters.

  • LineCast;

  • Remove unused code and commented out code.

    No need for abstract class at this stage, interface is enough.

  • Clean unnecessary comments.

  • Cell Ladder not occupied;

  • Cell detect ladder and one way;

  • Cocoon incorrect prefab set null;

  • Fix set idle animation after hit wall animation.

  • Walk-idle animation noise fix;

  • Skid parameter update;

  • Update Enemies Prefabs.

    + Update langoliers prefabs + UPdate Langoliers Swarm prefabs + Update Langoliers spawner prefabs + Update Wasp Mini boss spawner prefabs. + Update Scorpion spawner prefabs.

  • Fix not all melee attacks sens damage.

  • Fix langoliers not always spawning

  • Integrate new Roy skeleton animation

    + Add new skeleton Animation + Update used animations + Add more moves for regular attack animation + Add better attack feedback with camera shake + Add shake for power attack in air + Add shake for power attack with dash + Add Easing out for camera shake animation.

  • Place old enemies in another folder.

  • Add helper attributes.

  • Add cocoon placeholder sprites

  • Fix Melee Power Air attack and Melee Power Dash attack is allowing edge grab.

  • Fix moving platform not moving other objects when game plays at a higher framerate.

  • Ignore edge grab inside oneway platform;

  • Fix Edge climbing.

  • Update spine runtime

  • Moving platform fix;

0.1.73 2018-06-05 08:21:03

Jira LIS-1188

  • LIS-1188 Attack button was not showing up on mobiles (HOTFIX)

0.1.72 2018-05-28 09:07:20

No issue

  • _Level1-ArcherTutorial.unity Hit sensor fix;

  • Update open cages _Level1-ArcherTutorial_edited.unity

  • Empty cages Fix Scale;

  • Fix LoadingScene tests to track the real time instead of delta time.

  • Fix Cages in new level 1 intros

  • Add ChainHook prefab as a separate decoration.

  • Let the chain to update in edit mode.

  • Chained cages chain update;

  • Fix GuardNPC to not call drones when they are not assigned.

  • Empty cages;

  • Revert "Temp Fix Cage stuff."

    This reverts commit 438b7b9ef5cd2daad78d885993cad4cdf001a06b.














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