In Lost in Sky, players will go through missions in which they will have to efficiently combine the abilities of the heroes in order to overcome some complicated puzzles and destroy the enemies. The boss fights promise to be compleРx and memorable.

The following locations are available in the game, for the moment:

  • City
  • Training Center
  • Barracks
  • Cellars

In addition to the announced, there are lots of unique locations under development that are going to be presented later, closer to the official release of the game, which is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2018.

The final version of the game will contain colorful locations, humanoid monsters, bosses of different levels, unexpected plot turns and much more.

Development plans

  • new locations and puzzles
  • new bosses
  • gamepad support (Steam controller friendly)
  • LAN co-op
  • web co-op
  • weapons and ammunition improvement

A pleasant surprise for the players will be the Lost in Sky motion comic: a Graphic Novel, shedding light to the plot and the game universe.

What is Lost in Sky?

Lost in Sky – Retro Future style 2D action platformer. The game is being developed for different operating systems and mobile devices.

The game is set on ARK – the post-apocalyptic world of a distant future, part of a huge orbital city, lost in interstellar space. The game takes place on ARK – giant spaceship by the size of a city. The player will play for many characters and will have to face ruthless mutants, intricate puzzles and intriguing story.

New stage of the early testing!

We are happy to announce that our constantly developing project will be ready to go very soon — the next stage of the early testing has started! Of course, this means that you are welcomed to take part in the testing and share your opinion with us! Join our communities on social networks, obtain your key, and participate in the testing to become a part of our team!

Let’s finish Lost In Sky together! Follow the news to receive your key via communities in Facebook and on other social media. The release is coming this fall!

New stage of the early testing

System requirements:

CPU: Any Dual-Core processor 1.8GHz or higher
Memory: 2GB RAM
GPU: Geforce or AMD HD 512MB or higher
Storage: 500МB

OS ver: 5.0 (lollipop)
CPU: Any quad-core 1.8Ghz
GPU: Adreno 530
Memory: 2GB
Storage: 500MB

Apple iPhone 6s
CPU: 1,8Ghz;
GPU: Apple A9
Memory: 2GB
Storage: 500MB

Game Features

  • Unique game world made in retro-future style
  • Original game plot enriched by its own comic novel
  • Co-op walkthrough with unique characters with special abilities
  • Major platform support
  • Breathtaking soundtrack

Recent updates:

0.1.70 2018-05-17 12:01:08

Jira LIS-1156

  • LIS-1156 Parameters version is not showing up in Debug Menu (HOTFIX)

Jira LIS-1157

  • LIS-1157 Weapons disappear when loading levels through debug menu.(HOTFIX)

0.1.69 2018-05-16 13:21:09

Jira LIS-1151

  • LIS-1151 Roy has no weapon (fix)

    + Update UI when deleting all items from inventory storage + Update UI when Scenario from Shooting Ground 1 is adding a weapon.

Jira LIS-1152

  • LIS-1152 Bot is not attacking enemies (hotfix)

    + Melee Controller is getting input data from AI when AI is active.

Jira LIS-1153

  • LIS-1153 Characters parameters are not updating.

    + Update parameters for all Base Storage configs.

No issue

  • Add automatic BaseStorageGeneric updater.

  • Update platform prefabs render layer.

0.1.68 2018-05-14 13:09:31

Jira Ambush-0

  • LIS-1112 Ambush-0 Shooting ground 2 fix; Ladder move fix;

Jira LIS-1069

  • LIS-1069 Langoliers can't move through walls, but can move through one way platforms

Jira LIS-1073

  • LIS-1073 Game Manager Status

    + Add Load Location Status Field + Add "Bundle not found" callback from Scene Resource Controller.

Jira LIS-1090

  • LIS-1090 Refactor Character's locomotion on surfaces. Wheel mode.

Jira LIS-1093

  • LIS-1093 Install Cinemachine

Jira LIS-1094

  • LIS-1094 Refactor Camera Controller for Cinemachine

    + Refactor ICameraController interface. + Refactor Turret Avatar to not control Shoot Tracking for Camera controller. + Add IVirtualCameraController interface. + Add Virtual camera controller using Cinemachine virtual cameras. + Add Camera Controller that uses Virtual Camera Controllers instead of raw camera. + Create CameraCinemachine prefab that has a Cinemachine brain. + Create VirtualCameraMain prefab that has IVirtualCameraController implementation. + Bind IVirtualCameraController implementation. + Add Assign VirtualCameraMain.prefab to CameraInstaller.prefab.

Jira LIS-1098

  • LIS-1098 Add "attack on a wall" animation feedback.

  • LIS-1098 Add "attack on a wall" animation feedback.

    LIS-1111 No attack in grab and climb state.

Jira LIS-1102

  • LIS-1102 Add "monsters breaking out" state for rectangular cages.

Jira LIS-1104

  • LIS-1104 Create prefabs for all variants of cages.

Jira LIS-1110

  • LIS-1110 Ventilation shaft Ambush prefab;

  • LIS-1110 Эффекты вентиляции при появлении моба

Jira LIS-1111

  • LIS-1098 Add "attack on a wall" animation feedback.

    LIS-1111 No attack in grab and climb state.

Jira LIS-1112

  • LIS-1112 Ambush-0 Shooting ground 2 fix; Ladder move fix;

Jira LIS-1113

  • LIS-1113 Adapt Camera shake for Cinemachine.

    + Add IShakeController. + Implement Shake Controller for VirtualCameraControllerCinemachine. + Add CameraShakeDirector scripts. (Shakes main camera controller or zoom zone's camera controller.) + Refactor ControllerCameraShake script to use CameraShakeDirector. + Update VirtualCameraMain with noise module. + Update ZoomZoneCinemachine prefab with noise module. + Update FlyingQuest scenario to use CameraShakeDirector. + Update GuardQuest scenario to use CameraShakeDirector. + Update CameraControllerCinemachine to enable SetZoom.

Jira LIS-1114

  • LIS-1114 Поведение монстров в клетках

Jira LIS-1117

  • LIS-1117 Refactor Camera bounds for whole levels

    + Add LevelCameraBounds script that assigns the bounds of the level for main camera. + Add Camera Bounds functionality into VirtualCameraControllerCinemachine script. + Add Cinemachine confiner extension into VirtualCameraMain prefab. + Fix Guardquest in Intro to reset normal zoom when going to Archer tutorial. + Add LevelCameraBounds Prefab.

Jira LIS-1118

  • LIS-1118 Tutorial levels Camera Integration.

    + Integrate new Camera in Level Intro. + Integrate new Camera in Archer Tutorial. + Integrate new Camera in Shooting Ground 1.

Jira LIS-1121

  • LIS-1121 Integrate new camera into gameplay levels.

    + Integrate camera in Boss Tree level + Integrate camera in Boss Worm level + Integrate camera in Hub level + Integrate camera in Sewers 1 + Integrate camera in Sewers 2 + Integrate camera in Shooting ground 2 + Integrate camera in Player Enemy balance level + Integrate new Zoom zones in all those levels + Fix Camera Looker to use a virtual camera to show something. + Update CameraLooker prefab. + Fix sounds not being heard. + hotfix parallax layers script. + Fix slowing water not colliding properly. + Update ZoomZoneCinemachine prefab + Update VirtualCameraMain prefab + Update Camera Cinemachine prefab + Update Enemy prefabs colliders (set to trigger) + Change layer for Broken-platform prefabs.

Jira LIS-1122

  • LIS-1122 Langoliers attack old Mobs;

No issue

  • Remove NUnit using from non-test script.

  • Fix dictionary assignment in bundle loading system.

  • Fix new scenes.

  • Update BigCageChained.prefab

  • Move cages in Cages folder;

  • Add Fsm in Lever.prefab

  • _Level1-Intro_redesigned, _Level1-ArcherTutorial_edited.unity: ready for adding cages and further scripting

  • Fsm Event sender for Intractable elements;

  • Big cage on chain;

  • Closed door Ladder move fix;

  • Fix cinemachine going mad when changing timescale.

  • Add timer with event for ZoomZoneCinemachine and toggle it one time.

    + Add timer component into ZoomZoneCinemachine prefab.

  • LIS-(1095, 1096) Refactor Focus Camera Script and Add parameters.

    + Refactor VirtualCameraController to properly set IsLive property. + Add "IsLiveByDefault" field to toggle virtual camera as live at the start of the scene. + Add ControllerTransform property for all Virtual Camera Controllers. + Add ZoomZone that uses Cinemachine. + Add ZoomZone director that makes sure that Zoom Zone cameras are handled properly. + Add ZoomZone Toggle to control whether the camera screen is confined within collider bounds. + Add ZoomZone FocusTime and Blend Type. + Add ZoomZone Director setup the blends between ZoomZones and main virtual camera controller. + Add dependencies in Camera Installer for ZoomZones and ZoomZone Director. + Update VirtualCameraMain prefab with "IsLiveByDefault" toggle. + Add ZoomZoneCinemachine prefab with new zoom Zone implementation.

  • Ladder move fix;

  • Update Icon.

  • ZoomZone optimization;

  • VentShaftAmbush.prefab internal update;

  • Fix Archer not being able to load correctly weapon slot.

    + Remove NavLinks scripts from 2 objects in scene.

  • Fix Updater in Editor.

  • Jump animation fix;

  • HOTFIX: Fix objects not saving their states between scenes.














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