On the Highway to Release – 08/31/22

Aug 31  Android_LIS  

Hey hey hey! We had a very busy and fun summer, and we hope you did too! Here it comes!  Today we give you: NPCs, mystical and not so much, improved lighting, and interactions with the environment.  Our entire adventure […]

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On the Highway to Release — 06/04/2022

Jun 04  Android_LIS  

Hi all! This is our traditional mini-summary of what we’ve done this month: added stuff, revamped stuff, overhauled stuff, one thing at a time! Stores They received a lot of attention: new items, modifications, and other goodies. Pet mutants aren’t […]

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On the Highway to Release — 04/09/2022

Apr 09  Android_LIS  

Hi everyone! Today we give you new updates of Lost in Sky! Character selection screen We implemented new looks of our characters and overhauled the character selection screen. We also added an option to choose keyboard or gamepad while playing […]

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On the Highway to Release — 02/11/2022

Feb 11  Android_LIS  

Hey everyone! You’re probably still a little cautious about the year 2022. What challenges will it bring? Will it finally give us a break? In the meanwhile, we’re done relaxing. Picking up speed! There’s no time for a warm-up. Diving […]

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On the Highway to Release — Retrospective 2021

Dec 29  Android_LIS  

Hi everyone! 2021 brought us lots of wonderful beginnings and even some achievements. In this article, we’d like to cast your mind back to some great results, we achieved this year.  First and most important: we participated in Dev.Play and […]

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On the Highway to Release — 11/20/2021

Nov 20  Android_LIS  

Hi everybody! It’s been two long months since our last post, and we’ve got gazillion news! First and foremost, we participated in Dev.Play and NYX Game Awards! It was really swell and exciting.  Lost in Sky won the golden awards […]

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Lost in Sky at the Indie Festival at Dev.Play 2021

Oct 20  Android_LIS  

Hi everyone! We’re happy to announce that Lost in Sky will participate at the Indie Festival at Dev.Play 2021! Our game is eligible for all awards and will also be shown during the live-stream on multiple platforms:  Twitch, YouTube, and […]

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On the Highway to Release — 09/11/2021

Sep 11  Android_LIS  

Hey! Autumn is gaining momentum, it’s getting colder outside, and we’re rushing to warm your homes with our latest hot news. Sit closer, let’s get warm together. In today’s program: latest coop features, UI update, concept art, and bloodbath! Coop […]

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On the Highway to Release — 07/30/2021

Jul 30  Android_LIS  

Hi everybody! July seems to be over too soon, and we need to look back to realize how much we’ve done. That is, there’s a new addition in our crew of NPCs, another chemical weapon, and added monster buffing.  New […]

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On the Highway to Release — 07/03/2021

Jul 03  Android_LIS  

Hi everyone! The first summer month is over, and it’s time to share the news! Lost in Sky features a couple of newborn and overhauled monsters, a level map, new avatars, and many other things.  Monsters Our new arrivals and […]

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