On the Highway to Release — 12/06/2019

Dec 06  Android_LIS  

Hi everybody! Today we shall give you a brief review of the things we’ve done over the past couple of weeks. Boss Tree So far, you’ve seen the Boss Tree attack the characters in every possible way. It’s time we […]

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On the Highway to Release — 11/01/2019

Nov 01  Android_LIS  

Hi! Here’s what we’ve done over the past few weeks. The visuals. We announced a big recoloring and changes in lighting of all game locations. Today we proudly show you the new Menagerie, Headquarters, and the City. New color scheme, […]

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On the Highway to Release — 09/13/2019

Sep 13  Android_LIS  

Hi everyone! The past two months since our last update were fruitful. We visited Game Daily Connect 2019 in the USA. Distant flights, packed event days, and heaps of feedback! However, this doesn’t mean that we put the work on […]

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Lost in Sky on Game Daily Connect 2019

Sep 04  Android_LIS  

From August 27 to 30, the Lost in Sky team took part in the Game Daily Connect USA showcase in Anaheim, California. Indie developers from the USA, UK, China, Mexico, Ukraine, Moldova, and others also participated in the event.   […]

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On the Highway to Release — 07/12/2019

Jul 12  Android_LIS  

Hi all! Since our last article we added a few cool features to Lost in Sky we’d like to share with you. We’re really excited about them!   Parallax effect  We added a frontal layer that moves past slower than […]

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On the Highway to Release – Local Co-op Play

Jun 21  Android_LIS  

Hi all! We received tons of feedback after DevGamm and Casual Connect, the gaming conferences we took part in. A lot of your comments come down to saying, “We want the co-op mode!” This is why we dedicated all our […]

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Lost in Sky: Casual Connect London 2019

Jun 05  Android_LIS  

DevGAMM2019 was over, and before we knew it, we found ourselves in London taking part in CasualConnect! Two biggest gaming events over the two weeks’ time was a serious strain test both for the game and for the team.   […]

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DevGAMM 2019: The Whole Story

May 22  Android_LIS  

DevGAMM 2019, the biggest conference for game industry professionals in Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus was held in Hyatt Regency Moscow Petrovsky Park hotel on May 16 and 17. More than 2000 people attended the show over these two days: game […]

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Lost in Sky Development Video Diary – Combat System Overhaul

Apr 24  Android_LIS  

Hi all! Today we are going to tell you about our work on the combat system in Lost in Sky. In this update, we stuck to several basic ideas: Making the combat more realistic and spectacular; Making the battles more […]

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On the Highway to Release — 04/17/2019

Apr 17  Android_LIS  

Hi all! Today we’re going to tell you about Lost in Sky’s new mechanics and visual updates. Let’s start with the visuals.   User Interface The UI has faced the most notable changes. We overhauled the character panel: we brought […]

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