Lost in Sky. Early version testing

Apr 06  Android_LIS  

Hey guys! We are happy to announce that our constantly developing project will be ready to go very soon — the closed beta-testing has started! Of course, this means that you are welcomed to take part in the testing and […]

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ARK Weekly Digest 03/02/2018

Mar 02  Android_LIS  

Hello everybody!   Today we will talk about small changes in the mechanics of Lost in Sky, of which an impressive amount has been accumulated over the past two weeks. It is for this reason that the gameplay will get […]

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ARK Weekly Digest – 02/16/2018

Feb 16  Android_LIS  

Hello everyone!   Today we will change the usual order of the narrative and start it a short story before we proceed to the technical updates. It’s just another little scene from the adventures of Roy and Eileen in the […]

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ARK Weekly Digest – 02/09/2018

Feb 09  Android_LIS  

Hello everybody!   Last week, while we were working on various interesting things, our hero silently slashed the droid in all possible ways. One of the most effective was a strong airstrike. Such a strike is clearly worth using because […]

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ARK Weekly Digest – 02/02/2018

Feb 02  Android_LIS  

Hello guys!   The past week highlights are: the appearance of two interesting novelties in the mechanics of battles, improved animations in the motion comics and new concept art. Let’s take it step by step. How often while playing a […]

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ARK Weekly Digest – 01/26/2017

Jan 26  Android_LIS  

Hello everybody!   Today, in contradiction to the established traditions, we will start with the artistic part of our report, as there are enough reasons for this. The motion comic Lost in Sky is getting better each day, acquiring cool […]

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ARK Weekly Digest – 01/12/2018. Following footsteps of Indie Prize 2017

Jan 12  Android_LIS  

Hello, everybody!   It’s been 2 months since the Lost in Sky team visited the Casual Connect conference in Kiev. The main purpose of the trip was, of course, placing our stand for participation in the “Indie Prize” contest . […]

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Outcomes of 2017 – Retrospective

Dec 29  Android_LIS  

Hello everybody!   The past year has become the starting point in creating the child of our dreams. Looking back, we see how much has already been done and, looking forth, we understand that there is much more to be […]

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ARK Weekly Digest – 12/22/2017

Dec 22  Android_LIS  

Hi everyone!   This week we continue to work on the Bosses we told you about last time. Our goal is to make battles with them as diverse and non-linear as possible. First and foremost, we would like to implement […]

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ARK Weekly Digest – 12/15/2017

Dec 15  Android_LIS  

Hi, everyone!   The main news of this week for anyone who is testing our game on Windows (or is just going to) is that now you can find us in the convenient and dearest Steam. Now alpha (beta, gamma, […]

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