On the Highway to Release — 03/20/2021

Mar 20  Android_LIS  

Hi y’all! It’s been a little over a month since our last post, and we’ve had some progress to share. For starters, we’d like to give you some refreshed visuals.  We completely redesigned the gates between locations. Now they perfectly […]

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On the Highway to Release — 02/12/2021

Feb 12  Android_LIS  

Hi everyone! It’s nice to see you all for the first time in the year 2021! Yeah, we’re aware that the New Year began a month ago! Presses We’ve had our share of Battletoads during the holiday 😉  and decided […]

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On the Highway to Release — 12/31/2020

Dec 31  Android_LIS  

Hi everybody! The year 2020 was hard. Tell us something we don’t know, right? It was super hard, but it also brought us many wonderful beginnings that we couldn’t even imagine in our wildest dreams. I could go on about […]

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On the Highway to Release — 11/20/2020

Nov 20  Android_LIS  

Hi all! The weather is turning from cold to frosty, and the Christmas Spirit is in the air! This year is (finally!) going to end. It’s been a while since our last report. We’ve got a lot but let’s make […]

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On the Highway to Release — 09/25/2020

Sep 25  Android_LIS  

Hi everyone! While the world is trying to get back to normal, we work for you! And today we’ve got something exciting to show you. We give you the September special. Chemical arrows You might remember Eileen’s chemical arrowheads from […]

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On the Highway to Release — 08/21/2020

Aug 21  Android_LIS  

Hello all! Summer’s almost gone, but the living is still easy, fish are jumping, and the cotton is still high. Not so easy for us, though 😊 The team is full of energy and swarming with ideas! Here are some […]

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On the Highway to Release — 07/04/2020

Jul 04  Android_LIS  

Hi everyone! The heat of the summer is climbing, and it’s time to cool down, relax, and enjoy our latest development report while drinking a cool shake on a sandy beach. Doesn’t it sound like a perfect summer? We know […]

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On the Highway to Release — 05/29/2020

May 29  Android_LIS  

Hello everyone! May is coming to an end. We’d like to give you our final spring report before the summer comes into power! Today we are sharing new arts, screenshots, animations, and a piece of lore. Let’s go! For starters, […]

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On the Highway to Release — 04/17/2020

Apr 17  Android_LIS  

Hi everybody! We’ve spent a month working remotely, like almost everyone else in the world. We must say, this is an unusual experience! Thankfully, our pipelines are good enough to keep the development process going at full speed! Today we […]

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On the Highway to Release — 03/27/2020

Mar 27  Android_LIS  

Hi everyone!  Woah, has it been a whole month since our last post? It’s gone by so fast!It’s time to review what we achieved! Are you excited? Let’s go! Spike Shooter is our biggest creation in more ways than one. […]

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