On the Highway to Release – 01/25/2018

Jan 25  Android_LIS  

Hi all!   Today we’ll tell you about a place that used to belong to a caste of brave warriors. These days this place is good for shooting a horror movie. You might have guessed that the place is Barracks. […]

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Lost in Sky Development Video Diary: Meet Lost in Sky Characters

Jan 16  Android_LIS  

Hi everyone! In addition to our game development blog, we are happy to present you video diary. In this series we will tell you about the main characters and the lore of the Lost in Sky world. The great spaceship […]

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On the Highway to Release – 01/11/2018

Jan 11  Android_LIS  

Hi all! Here’s something brand new for the brand new year! Today we’ll have a look at some new levels with curious game mechanics. First and foremost, it’s conveyor belts, that are moving continuously in a specified direction. If you […]

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On the Highway to Release – 12/21/2018

Dec 21  Android_LIS  

Hi all! As promised, today we’re going to tell you about the City, the cradle of the future. This is the place that unites technology and religion. It’s the home for most Ark’s people. Nobody was prepared for an assault […]

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On the Highway to Release – 12/07/2018

Dec 07  Android_LIS  

Hi all! Last week we published Lost in Sky on Steam and were very pleased to see that many of you liked the game and added it to their wish lists. Now that there are so many interested people, and […]

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ARK Weekly Digest 11/23/2018

Nov 23  Android_LIS  

Hi all! Our last working weeks were not too busy, but the things we did were essential. Implementing new things isn’t easy. Making them work the way they should is much trickier. This brings us to the issues we managed […]

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ARK Weekly Digest 11/09/2018

Nov 09  Android_LIS  

Hi all! Two weeks flew by unbelievably fast. But it’s true, and here’s our latest development update. Let’s go!   Here’s what we fixed:   We observed the spiders in the wild and discovered that they use silk to descend […]

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ARK Weekly Digest 10/26/2018

Oct 26  Android_LIS  

Hi all! You must have noticed that our weekly updates turned into biweekly updates! It means that we’ve got more work and less time for reports. So let’s not waste our precious moments, and pass on to the things we’ve […]

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ARK Weekly Digest 10/12/2018

Oct 12  Android_LIS  

Hello everybody!   It’s been a while since our last post, and we’ve got some cool stuff for you! There’s been a lot going on over the last weeks. We introduced some improvements to the game: Shots don’t twist the […]

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ARK Weekly Digest 09/05/2018

Sep 05  Android_LIS  

Hi everybody! We keep polishing the game, tracking down and eliminating the annoying bugs. Here’s the list of last week’s improvements: The scorpion no longer deals damage on impact (as if he weren’t dangerous enough!); We improved the behavior of […]

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