ARK Weekly Digest 10/26/2018

Oct 26  Android_LIS  

Hi all! You must have noticed that our weekly updates turned into biweekly updates! It means that we’ve got more work and less time for reports. So let’s not waste our precious moments, and pass on to the things we’ve […]

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ARK Weekly Digest 10/12/2018

Oct 12  Android_LIS  

Hello everybody!   It’s been a while since our last post, and we’ve got some cool stuff for you! There’s been a lot going on over the last weeks. We introduced some improvements to the game: Shots don’t twist the […]

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ARK Weekly Digest 09/05/2018

Sep 05  Android_LIS  

Hi everybody! We keep polishing the game, tracking down and eliminating the annoying bugs. Here’s the list of last week’s improvements: The scorpion no longer deals damage on impact (as if he weren’t dangerous enough!); We improved the behavior of […]

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ARK Weekly Digest – 07/18/2018

Jul 19  Android_LIS  

Summer fades so quickly to fall so let’s not waste time and see what we have implemented recently:   New Checkpoint with a TV graphic that has possibility to show some text in bubbles added. Updated saving system. Now it […]

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ARK Weekly Digest – 06/20/2018

Jun 20  Android_LIS  

Hello, fellows. Once again we’d like to share with you the most interesting things (this is not all), that were made this week.   Well done: Updated character animation: movements, jumps, strokes are smoother. The main character got an animation […]

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ARK Weekly Digest – 06/01/2018

Jun 01  Android_LIS  

Hello everybody! Our ARK keeps surfing through Lost in Sky development, getting closer and closer to the destination. We decided to share something with you along the way. We implemented Simple inventory: only two slots, the grenade and the first-aid […]

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ARK Weekly Digest – 05/16/2018

May 16  Android_LIS  

The Ark news.Hi! It’s time we tell you about the new things of the past two weeks. We had a lot of national holidays, which didn’t prevent us from hard work. We concentrated on a lot of minor things. Some […]

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ARK Weekly Digest – 04/27/2018

Apr 27  Android_LIS  

Hi! It’s been a while since we published our Developer’s Journal. It’s high time to update you on the process of development!     Barracks We made a new scene, the Barracks. They used to be crowded. Today they’re infested […]

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Lost in Sky. Early version testing

Apr 06  Android_LIS  

Hey guys! We are happy to announce that our constantly developing project will be ready to go very soon — the closed beta-testing has started! Of course, this means that you are welcomed to take part in the testing and […]

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ARK Weekly Digest 03/02/2018

Mar 02  Android_LIS  

Hello everybody!   Today we will talk about small changes in the mechanics of Lost in Sky, of which an impressive amount has been accumulated over the past two weeks. It is for this reason that the gameplay will get […]

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