In Lost in Sky player combines main characters’ abilities to solve puzzles, break through the Interstellar ARK sections filled with horrible mutants, and challenge bosses!

The main characters are members of the warrior caste of the future humankind. Soldiers’ goal is to fight against the hordes of mutants threatening the population of the City, core of the great spaceship ARK. You can rely only on your loyal partner!

Work in progress

  • Bosses
  • Cut scenes
  • Local co-op
  • SFX
  • Steam achievements

Development plans

  • Gamepad support (Steam controller friendly)
  • LAN co-op

What is Lost in Sky?

Lost in Sky is a 2D retro sci-fi action-platformer in the Metroidvania genre.

Cooperate with the partner to coordinate your actions, explore the Interstellar ARK labyrinths, destroy horrible monsters, and complete unique level-specific tasks! With the breathtaking story, extraordinary puzzles, retro sci-fi style, and bosses that scare the dear life out of you, you will find the atmosphere of a great old-school action game surprisingly authentic.

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Game features

  • Atmosphere: fascinating retro-futuristic world filled with mysteries of mutants and humans in the isolated caste society.
  • Action-packed gameplay on levels full of all sorts of enemies, and awesome combat.
  • A unique retro sci-fi game universe enriched by deep storyline.
  • Exploration: a twisted and mysterious labyrinth of a huge spaceship.
  • Additional abilities: unlock the main characters’ unique skills, while going deeper into ARK’s grim and dark passages.
  • Use the characters’ special abilities to play as a team!


Coming soon:

Последние обновления:

0.1.311 2019-11-26 11:37:35

[Bug] При передвижении голова турели дёргается

[Bug] Бот на клетке не следует за игроком

0.1.310 2019-11-20 13:30:46

[Bug] Лазер бьёт дальше, чем нарисован

[Bug] Красные шары не естественно отбрасывают игрока

0.1.309 2019-11-19 16:17:05

[Bug] Level Design misunderstanding in Menagerie Start

[Task] Добавить отмену броска гранаты

[Bug] Глаза босса не умирают

[Bug] Иногда активизируются сразу 2 глаза

[Bug] Щупальца не наносят урон

[Bug] Лазер стреляет через потолок

[Bug] После убийства взрывающихся монстров лучницей они не умирают, а взрываются

[Bug] Дешом нельзя избежать урона от лазера

[Task] толщина стен и потолков, разнобой, нужно унифицировать City appartments +Zoom

City Start

Eileen in Menagerie

Roy and Eileen in Menagerie

Roy and Eillen Enter Headquarters

Fight in the Headquarters

Giant Wasp

Roy Discovers Cocoon

Eileen on the Edge

Heroes vs Boss Worm

Eileen and guards

Roy Basic Shot

Eileen among cocons

Eileen in the City

The Presses










Road to Temple of Winds


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