In Lost in Sky, players will go through missions in which they will have to efficiently combine the abilities of the heroes in order to overcome some complicated puzzles and destroy the enemies. The boss fights promise to be complex and memorable.

The following locations are available in the game, for the moment:

  • Menagerie
  • City
  • Headquarters
  • Hub
  • Barracks
  • Presses
  • Sewers

The final version of the game will contain colorful locations, humanoid monsters, bosses of different levels, unexpected plot turns and much more.

Development plans

  • new locations and puzzles
  • new bosses
  • new characters’ abilities to unlock
  • more terrible monsters
  • gamepad support (Steam controller friendly)
  • LAN co-op
  • web co-op
  • weapons and ammunition improvement

A pleasant surprise for the players will be the Lost in Sky motion comic: a Graphic Novel, shedding light to the plot and the game universe.

What is Lost in Sky?

Lost in Sky – Retro Future style 2D action platformer. The game is being developed for different platforms.

The game is set on ARK – the post-apocalyptic world of a distant future, part of a huge orbital city, lost in interstellar space. The game takes place on ARK – giant spaceship by the size of a city. The player will play for many characters and will have to face ruthless mutants, intricate puzzles and intriguing story.

New stage of the early testing

System requirements:

CPU: Any Dual-Core processor 1.8GHz or higher
Memory: 2GB RAM
GPU: Geforce or AMD HD 512MB or higher
Storage: 500МB

OS ver: 5.0 (lollipop)
CPU: Any quad-core 1.8Ghz
GPU: Adreno 530
Memory: 2GB
Storage: 500MB

Apple iPhone 6s
CPU: 1,8Ghz;
GPU: Apple A9
Memory: 2GB
Storage: 500MB

Game Features

  • Unique game world made in retro-future style
  • Original game plot enriched by its own comic novel
  • Co-op walkthrough with unique characters with special abilities
  • Major platform support
  • Breathtaking soundtrack

Recent updates:

0.1.150 2019-01-08 15:41:48

Jira LIS-1741

  • LIS-1741 Fix forcer's dealing logic

    + change ForcerDamageDealer logic - remove ground colliders - remove old files

Jira LIS-1788

  • LIS-1788 Changed location of files

    + changed location of images to DoorTeleporter + add packing tag

  • LIS-1788 TeleportHint

    + add png images: Teleport hind and his shadow + add prefab for designer

Jira LIS-1809

  • LIS-1809 Better particles of water

    + Changed place for of water-bubble texture + Set Packing tag to Water

Jira LIS-1815

  • LIS-1815 Fix for avatars

    + add death sequence for Alpha and Beta

Jira LIS-1825

  • LIS-1825 Player interacts with turret with different key binding.

    + Add InteractTurret flag in InputProvider + Add Turret Interact Action in Rewired Input Manager prefab + Bind Turret Interact to "T" key + Modify gamepad layout to the one proposed by Andrey Moroz + Bind Turret Interact to "Y" gamepad button + Update RewiredConsts script with TurretInteract action ID. + Add into InteractibleInputSignal "IsInteractTurret" flag + Fire InteractibleInputSignal when InteractTurret is also true. + Add IsInteractedOnlyWithTurretActivationKeybinding flag in InteractableElement.

Jira LIS-1826

  • LIS-1826 Add The Guard and scorpions fighting scene.

    + Import scorpions and guard skeletons that are used for fighting scene. + Add FightSceneGuardAndScorpionsHQRuined prefab with GuardNPC with idle animation + Add inside fighting scene prefab the cage with the scorpion + Add OnReleaseMob event in Cage script + Add FightScenePlayer script which handles the whole fighting scene + Make FightScenePlayer be a Savable object.

  • LIS-1826 Add fighting scene prefab into _level0-intro_hq_ruined scene.

    + Remove BigCage from GuardDeath gameobject + Replace FSM_TriggerZone with FSM_TriggerZoneOneTime + Add CameraFocus prefab inside GuardDeath gameobject + BirdCages are triggered without delay now inside GuardDeath gameobject + Remove Guard-NPC-CanBeKilled prefab from GuardDeath gameobject

Jira LIS-1827

  • LIS-1827 Droid Swarm: redraw

    + Added new Spine skeleton + Fix reimport issue, incorrect naming path + Store previous version for designer to fix in his project (NotFixedVersion) + Changed prefab Boid and Drone. From sprite to spine animation + Changed Boid script: - Flip functionality is working with SpineAnimation - Keeping back compability with sprite

Jira LIS-1833

  • LIS-1833 Fix Attack tooltip appearing with delay.

    + Change the size of the trigger which shows the attacking tooltip, because it was smaller, therefore player wouldn't always trigger it, or trigger it too late in the game where it wouldn't be necessary.

Jira LIS-1841

  • LIS-1841 Hints for the right character

    - Added layer mask for IsFireInDir meth

  • LIS-1841 Hints for the right character

    + add avatar image for canvas + add logic to show right character

Jira LIS-1861

  • LIS-1861 Update plants textures and seats textures

    + Import new seat and plant textures + Set packing tags for avatar skeletons textures + Set packing tags for wall blood textures + Set packing tags for PlasmaTV textures + Set packing tags for metal platform textures + Set packing tags for one way platform shadows textures + Set packing tags for security building textures

Jira LIS-1863

  • LIS-1863 AvatarAi try to avoid fire

    + In Stand State, it check if it is on fire. If on fire it goes to GoTo State (in order to avoid fire) + In Flow and GoTo state, it checks if it is on fire and in forward is on fire, it tries to jump + Keeping last movement vector in order to have better jump

  • LIS-1863 AvatarAi try to avoid fire

    + This is currently in WIP + Added detection on fire - New tag for collider (Constants, TagManger) - New bool OnFire in ControllerBehaviourStateData - Changed prefab(BurningGround.prefab) for needed tag + AiModule is able to detected when needs to jump if it's on fire (need find how to send event to jump)

Jira LIS-1876

  • LIS-1876 Finish animations after start of CameraFocus prefab.

    + Add SetAttackActiveSignal + Subscribe EnemyBehavior script to SetAttackActiveSignal and toggle attack/awareness zones. + Subscribe AttackAllOnOneSwarm and AttackOneByOneSwarm scripts to SetAttackActiveSignal and toggle attack zone + Subscribe MoveSwarm script to SetAttackActiveSignal and toggle awareness zone. + Clear VisibleTargets and don't try to find any when EnemyZoneTriggered is disabled. + Declare SetAttackActiveSignal in EnemyInstaller + Remove time stopping from Camera looker and add toggling player input and sending SetAttackActiveSignal false/true when needed. + Remove Enemy Time stop from AvatarDeathSequenceManager and send SetAttackActiveSignal instead. + RestartMenuController sends SetAttackActiveSignal instead of playing the Enemy time back.

Jira LIS-1877

  • LIS-1877 Bubble effects in water

    + Cleaned Prefab - Deleted non-existing script - Move up components for level-design

  • LIS-1877 Bubble effects in water

    + Added new textures for bubbles - Texture that is related to prefab is in AssetBundle, rest not sure + Added new Material for bubbles particles - Also checked in AssetBundle graph + Changed color for WaterPartcles.mat + Changed prefab Water - Added new bubble particle + Changed SpriteSizeConfigurator for level design - Added Bubble Speed (Particles) - Added Bubble Amount (Particles)

Jira LIS-1879

  • LIS-1879 Change DeathSequence logic

Jira LIS-1880

  • LIS-1880 Add Null verification for HealthKit drop function

No issue

  • Fix old presses level from failing the tests.

    + Disable broken prefabs. + movingTransform is now a property which gets the collider's transform. + Initialize the gameobjects list at the creation of the object.

  • Fix not being able to drop healthkit when using gamepad.

    + Remove healing on the same dpad button where drop action is bound.

  • Fix SwarmBoid AFK velocity

    + Set it a range from 0 to 0.2 of MaxAFKSpeed.

  • Fix not being able to validate zenject bindings

    + Call DontDestroyOnLoad() only when game is playing.

  • CityFinal: progress blocking issue fixed

  • Removed not used spine files for droid

  • IntroCommon: superfluous tooltip removed

0.1.149 2019-01-04 08:43:49

No issue

  • Fix parsing floats from spreadsheet configs.

    + Add a CultureBasedParser with FloatParse method + Replace the comma with any symbol that a platform considers a decimal point.

0.1.148 2019-01-03 15:19:20

Jira LIS-1816

  • LIS-1816 Fullscreen Dialog & ScreenMessage: add one-time event

Jira LIS-1832

  • LIS-1832 Fix Boids moving with large speed

    + Set boid's velocity to a random from 0 to AfkMaxSpeed parameter when boid is set as out of control.

No issue

  • Fix LocationAvatarPlacement not working properly when there's only one avatar in scene.

    + Check for null when trying to get avatar's transform + return null when getting closest transform to the target, if target is null. + Do not try to place avatars if either AvatarController or target transform is null.












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